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Customer Testimonials for Classic Motor Brokers LLC

We take great pride in the work we do, and the level of service we provide to all our customers both past and present. This dedication to excellence has brought us a great deal of repeat business, and many recommendations for new customers. Whether you are buying or selling a car, our staff is dedicated to making your experience with us as satisfying as possible.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for helping me sell my 1932 Ford model A. I never would have been able to find a buyer so quickly, and so far away for this rare car. Thanks for all your help.”
Tim, GA

“The service at Classic Motor Brokers is so professional. And they know their stuff. They understood the exact model Ford Cobra I wanted (1966), and didn’t try to get me to take something similar. They found me exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier.”
Mitch K., NJ

“Before dealing with you guys I had no idea how to sell my car - a 1955 Thunderbird. I just knew I couldn’t run an ad because that wouldn’t reach many people and it’s a special car. Somehow you got the word out all around the country and in no time I had multiple offers from as far away as Ohio. The deal was closed without me even having to meet the buyer. Even getting the car to him was easy because you guys knew what you were doing. I still don’t know how you did it so fast, but you did. I’m blown away. I would recommend you to anyone selling a car.”
Ray, FL

“I was looking for some time for a 1969 Dodge Daytona, and I couldn’t find one locally, but I was nervous to buy one from far away without seeing it in person. But when you found one, the way you filmed it and photographed it and had it inspected made me much more comfortable, and convinced me it would work out. And it did. This car is everything it is supposed to be. There were no surprises. You made a believer out of a real skeptic.”
Bob H., CA

“Got my new Porsche home yesterday and took it for a ride three separate times today. I can’t get enough of it after I looked for one just like this (a ’76 911 Turbo) for months. Your people were so straightforward and easy to deal with, and the car is perfect. This is easily one of the best purchases I ever made.”
William O. ME

“The staff at Classic Motor Brokers are true professionals. They understand cars and car owners inside and out. I never felt like I was dealing with salesmen. It was like dealing with other car nuts like me. They were as excited and interested in finding my Ford GT as I was, like they were the ones who were going to drive it. They are really committed and love what they do. What a great experience.”
John, NM

“I want you to know that I am telling everyone who wants to buy a car about your service. I never, ever dreamed it could be so easy to get a rare car when you want something very specific, from a specific year, like my 67 Camaro. The inspection, the registration, everything was as smooth as silk. I hope a lot of people I talk to become customers of yours.”
Martin C., AL