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Seller Services Information from Classic Motor Brokers LLC

Welcome to Classic Motor Brokers!

Selling a classic car is not like any other car transaction. It can be a complicated process, and buyers are not as easy to find. Our job as brokers is to guide you through that process, step by step, until you have handed over the keys to the next lucky owner. But first and foremost, our job is to find you that buyer..

We’ll Make Sure You Reach Potential Buyers

Classic, foreign, luxury, unique… we know cars, and we know how to find people looking to buy them. We create a unique social media profile for your car on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google plus. We also list your car on a worldwide network of auto sites including,,,, and our own CMB site. Perhaps most importantly, we advertise your car on eBay Motors, which is the number one auto sales site in the world. For over a decade we have been successfully selling classic, foreign, luxury, and other unique vehicles including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lexus, Infinity, Acura, Jeep, and even diesel trucks and "modern day classic” cars on eBay Motors. With this level of experience in auction representation, you can trust us to find a qualified buyer for your car, and one who is willing pay top dollar. This kind of national and international premium exposure to potential buyers is worth at least $500 in paid advertising alone..

We’ll Deal With Potential Buyers

We’ll protect you from being undercut by thoroughly researching your car’s value to make sure it is fairly priced. And when the emails or phone calls from potential buyers start coming in we will ensure a timely response when we field all inquiries for you in a professional manner. We’ll separate the serious prospects from the not-so serious and turn a host of potential buyers into the one buyer you’re looking for. To make the entire transaction go more smoothly, we’ll even assist your buyer with an independent vehicle inspection, financing, national or international transportation, and professional closing services.

We’ll Help You Seal The Deal

Although you and your buyer may never meet, and may not even live near each other, we will handle all the legal and financial matters so that no amount of distance will get in the way of your sale. At Classic Motor Brokers, we’re working for you every step of the way, because selling your classic car is more than just another transaction.