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Auction Services from Classic Motor Brokers LLC

Auction Services

Our years of experience selling classic, foreign, luxury, and other unique vehicles on eBay Motors, the number one auto sales site in the world, is enough to assure your car will sell quickly, and for top dollar. But listing your car on this site is just the beginning - we go much further. We provide services for sellers and buyers alike designed to encourage sales and remove any possible impediments.


We run all our eBay auctions from Sunday-to-Sunday, the most advantageous time of the week, and we time all our social media and advertising to coincide with this schedule. In addition to getting more exposure for your car, which translates into more money, we are piquing interest in our upcoming auctions right when they are about to take place, when it really counts.


We get a jump on things by pre-qualifying potential buyers ahead of time, so they know what they can comfortably afford to spend. This is a great benefit to sellers and buyers alike, and means more confident buyers at auction time, and fewer buyers who are indecisive or have cold feet.


Buying an expensive classic, foreign, luxury, and other unique vehicle (or even a late-model car) from a buyer who is far away is not an easy proposition for many buyers, and we do all we can to put them at ease. In addition to putting every car we offer through a thorough inspection, we spend a good deal of time educating potential buyers about our service and our experience in financing and transportation, as well as the many benefits of being able to sell to potential buyers around the world.

Second Chances:

In the rare event that a car doesn’t sell at auction for the desired amount, we don’t stop there. We follow up with anyone who showed an interest in it, and if we determine they didn't buy because of concerns regarding financing or transportation, we make them aware of the options that are available to them. We do all we can to get rid of buyers’ objections in order to sell more cars.

Late-model Foreign and Luxury Cars:

If you’re looking to sell a car which is under 20 years old, you can still benefit from our experience and know-how. For an all-inclusive flat fee you can enjoy the same world-wide exposure and promotion, the same professional inspection service, the same eBay Motors auction experience, even the same handling of phone and email inquiries. Regardless of your car’s age, our marketing, which includes prominent listing on the top auto sales websites, will assure you reach the greatest number of qualified buyers, and get top dollar.Inventory

We maintain an inventory of classic cars on consignment at all times. Whether you have an exact make and model in mind, or just want to see what’s out there, we invite you to have a look at our list. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, you can trust us to find it for you.

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